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Malkurse die Freude machen

About me

Painting is joy! And nothing expresses joy better than color.

I am Anja Bolliger and I really enjoy color - and I want to share this with you! I want people in my courses to lose the fear of brushes, paint and canvas. For many it is also the question: where do I start? And when do I stop? With playful, small steps we approach the painting and transport it from our imagination to the canvas. Every step is demonstrated, explained and corrected if desired.

It's fun, guaranteed! Brush stroke by brush stroke we approach the goal and after a few hours you can take the finished artwork home with you. Whether as a gift or to be admired yourself: paintings bring joy!

Thanks to Bob Ross® and his wet-on-wet technique®, I (re-)discovered painting a few years ago and I'm always amazed how wonderful landscapes can be created with just a few brush strokes. Bob Ross® has brought me back the joy of painting and it is important to me to share this passion.

I grew up in a painting company in Uerkheim/AG, and I am a certified Bob Ross instructor for landscapes «CRI»® and I organized successful vernissages. I keep taking training myself on a regular basis, such that I can offer my students high-quality courses. My own paintings are often dramatic, powerful and close to nature. And of course: full of joy in color!